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Data from external sources

Whereever content or functionality from the following external sources is included into the MFGA it is indicated.

This website includes functionality from the following sources:

This website uses data from the following sources:

  • GTEx portal (https://gtexportal.org/home/datasets file: GTEx_Analysis_2016-01-15_v7_RNASeQCv1.1.8_gene_median_tpm.gct.gz). The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project was supported by the Common Fund of the Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health, and by NCI, NHGRI, NHLBI, NIDA, NIMH, and NINDS.
  • Human Phenotype Ontology (version 1.2). Find out more at http://www.human-phenotype-ontology.org.
  • Cell Ontology (190106 release https://raw.githubusercontent.com/obophenotype/cell-ontology/master/cl-simple.json). Find out more at http://www.obofoundry.org/ontology/cl.html
  • BRENDA Tissue Ontology Ontology (BTO release ODK release https://github.com/BRENDA-Enzymes/BTO/blob/master/bto-base.json). Find out more at https://www.brenda-enzymes.org/ The BRENDA Tissue Ontology (BTO): the first all-integrating ontology of all organisms for enzyme sources. Gremse M., Chang A., Schomburg I., Grote A., Scheer M., Ebeling C., Schomburg D., Nucleic Acids Res., 39:D507-13 (2011).
  • HGNC database (retrieved in November 2018), HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC), European Molecular Biology Laboratory, European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SD, United Kingdom www.genenames.org.
    Published in: Yates B, Braschi B, Gray K, Seal R, Tweedie S, Bruford E. Genenames.org: the HGNC and VGNC resources in 2017. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 Jan 4; 45(D1):D619-625. PMID:27799471.
  • RefSeq database (retrieved in November 2018)
    Published in: O'Leary NA, Wright MW, Brister JR, Ciufo S, Haddad D, McVeigh R, Rajput B, Robbertse B, Smith-White B, Ako-Adjei D, Astashyn A, Badretdin A, Bao Y, Blinkova O, Brover V, Chetvernin V, Choi J, Cox E, Ermolaeva O, Farrell CM, Goldfarb T, Gupta T, Haft D, Hatcher E, Hlavina W, Joardar VS, Kodali VK, Li W, Maglott D, Masterson P, McGarvey KM, Murphy MR, O'Neill K, Pujar S, Rangwala SH, Rausch D, Riddick LD, Schoch C, Shkeda A, Storz SS, Sun H, Thibaud-Nissen F, Tolstoy I, Tully RE, Vatsan AR, Wallin C, Webb D, Wu W, Landrum MJ, Kimchi A, Tatusova T, DiCuccio M, Kitts P, Murphy TD, Pruitt KD. Reference sequence (RefSeq) database at NCBI: current status, taxonomic expansion, and functional annotation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Jan 4;44(D1):D733-45 PMID:26553804.
  • The MFGA provides manually curated information from scientific publications. This content is marked with a link to the corresponding publication, its licensing terms and a reference. There are generally three licensing terms:
    • Publication not published under an open access license. Only MFGA curated content is shown.
    • Publication published under an open access license. Permits to share, copy, adapt and redistribute the material if appropriate credit is given. MFGA curated content is shown as well as images and tables of the publication.
    • Publication published under a no derivatives open access license. Permits to share, copy and redistribute if appropriate credit is given and the material remains unaltered. MFGA curated content is shown as well as images of the publication.

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